Project Legacy

2500 University Avenue W. • Saint Paul, MN 55114
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Project Legacy is unique among other organizations serving former gang members and street involved youth for a number of reasons. They have learned that jobs and education are probably about 70% of what youth need to redirect their lives. The other 30% is a mixture of therapeutic and support services. They require that their youth participate in the development of a positive plan for their future that includes education, career development and therapy to address past trauma. They also require that their youth make a commitment to becoming and remaining drug-free. 

In addition to working with gang-affiliated and street-involved youth, they also work with youth who are refugees from war-torn countries or large urban cities. These youth struggle with the lack of a positive support system as well as lack of resources. Tantamount to their approach is a belief that when youth are surrounded with love, affection, kindness and support, they will heal and flourish.


Karen Edmonds

Co-Founder, Executive Director