Carpenters Training Center

740 Olive Street • Saint Paul, MN 55130
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From foundations to finishing, professional carpenters contribute to a variety of jobs throughout a project and are responsible for bringing blueprints to life. They rely on specialized techniques that have evolved over hundreds of years to measure, cut, join, erect, and finish materials for jobs of all sizes. While a sturdy hammer and reliable circular saw are essential parts of every toolbox, modern carpenters also work with computers and tablets to read digital layouts and control advanced equipment like robotic total stations.

Work Performed by Carpenters: Carpenters are highly-trained and reliable professionals whose skills, experience, and problem-solving abilities allow them to deliver quality work safely and consistently. As a carpenter apprentice, these are just a few of the jobs you’ll have the opportunity to take on:
  • Build structural frames and concrete forms
  • Install drywall and acoustical ceilings
  • Erect steel studs and install insulation
  • Complete interior and exterior finishing