Lathers Metro Apprentice JATC

710 Olive St. • Ramsey • Saint Paul, MN 55130

Lathers install the supportive backings on ceilings or walls to which plaster or other materials are applied. Work involves gypsum, composition board and/or wood lathe. The process also includes wall furring, the erection of steel and tying or lacing metal lath on both walls and ceilings. Structural frameworks built with plaster by lathers can include theme park attractions and ornamental ceilings.

While skilled lathers once worked with wooden strips called lath, they now mostly employ wire and metal mesh to create structures of various shapes. Workers will identify and use all types and sizes of screeds and beads, and apply drop hangers, runners, and furring to hang ceilings. They understand how to identify and nail diamond mesh, flat rib, high rib, herringbone, and paperback and boswick metal lathe.