96 E. Wheelock Parkway • Ramsey • Saint Paul, MN 55117
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MORE provides refugees and immigrants with the education and support they seek to become fully engaged members of our community. Purpose: Empower refugees and immigrants to fulfill their employment, financial, and educational goals; successfully navigate daily life; and, participate fully in our community.

The overall goal of MORE’s Education Program is to support our participants in acquiring basic skills in English language communication, consumer math, and digital literacy. English language classes are provided at no charge to adult refugees and immigrants from around the world by professional, experienced, and compassionate teachers.

Additionally, we provide Social Services programming that includes supporting families to meet their basic needs through weekly free distributions of food, clothing and other household items. Through Advocacy and Case Management, our participants are supported in managing life’s myriad of issues and complexities. Especially important is helping access and/or maintain resources that promote financial stability and overall wellbeing.