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MNGI: Leading the way on tech assisted procedures

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11 April 2024

MNGI Digestive Health, a leading healthcare provider in the Northeast Metro area, has 11 locations, including a cutting-edge facility in Vadnais Heights. Renowned for its commitment to gastroenterology diagnosis and patient care, MNGI Digestive Health continually adopts the latest technologies to enhance its processes and procedures.

"We are always using the best, newest technology for our company processes, our healthcare facilities, and our procedures," remarked Lisa Laliberte, Director of Marketing and Communications for MNGI Digestive Health.

In 2023, the company integrated Medtronic's G.I. Genius into its arsenal of tools. This computer-aided polyp detection system, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), is now a standard component of every colonoscopy procedure performed by the company's physicians.

"We are the largest implementation of that technology in Minnesota, and we have the second-largest implementation in the country," Laliberte stated. She likened the tool to a second set of eyes for the physician during the colonoscopy procedure.

As physicians navigate the colon with a lighted scope to identify tissue abnormalities and polyps, they rely on their trained eyes to detect and remove anything suspicious. However, human error can lead to potential oversights.

"GI Genius will highlight tissue on the monitor that the doctor may not have seen or inspected closely, bringing it to their attention for further examination. With time, the device learns from these images, becoming more adept at assisting physicians in identifying previously overlooked areas. This results in a higher likelihood of detecting cancerous tissue or pre-cancerous polyps, ultimately saving more lives," Laliberte explained.

GI Genius is not the sole advancement in healthcare technology at MNGI Digestive Health. The company has also implemented the use of Medivator to sanitize scopes and equipment at all their endoscopy locations.

"We have always employed heat and a chemical wash to prevent cross-contamination or infections within the scopes themselves. The new Medivator system we've adopted acts as an additional sterilizing bath. The instrument enters one side of the sterilizing system, and no one can access the locked unit until it completes its thorough cleansing and sterilization process," Laliberte elaborated.

MNGI Digestive Health has been recognized as Minnesota's Best Gastroenterologist for the past three years by readers of the Star Tribune. Additionally, the company has consistently been named a Top Workplace.

"We believe it's an excellent place to both work and receive your digestive care," Laliberte concluded

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