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Expand the Toolbox: Addressing The Skilled Construction Labor Shortage - International Workers

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12 September 2023

Join us at International Institute of MN on Tuesday, October 24, 9-11:45 a.m. for a conversation on Addressing The Skilled Construction Labor Shortage - International Workers. 

TOPIC: Provide insight and access to opportunities for contractors to learn about the variety of areas where they can legally employ international students & workers who are skilled and ready for the construction industry. By attending this event you will learn about the opportunities, process, timelines, and strategy when incorporating and accommodating international students and graduates within your organization

AUDIENCE: Construction contractors/employers, HR professionals and senior leadership who are currently embracing this opportunity or looking to be a champion of this work within their own company or the industry.

OCCUPATIONS THAT TYPICALLY ARE CONSIDERED: IT - Engineers - Architects - Estimators - Technical Project Managers - Construction Management - Logistics Managers & Coordinators - Human Resources - Finance-Accounting

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