Planning Specialist 1-2
Full-Time Planning Specialist 1-2 at Ramsey County
Available Openings: 1
Industry: Government, Coordinator/Planner
Pay Type: Salary
Compensation: $66,164.80 - $106,121.60 Annually
Education Preferred: Yes
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
E-Verify: Yes
Criminal Background: Yes

Basic Function

There are currently two vacancies in Saint Paul – Ramsey County Public Health funded by the Title V Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Block Grant: Maternal and Child Health Coordinator and Adolescent Health Coordinator. 
The Maternal and Child Health Coordinator, who will work in the Director’s Office, will specialize in leading and managing the Title V MCH Block Grant Program and focus on reducing health inequities related to infant and maternal mortality. This position will lead department-wide efforts in collaboration with other county-wide related programs, such as Early Childhood, and with community partners on maternal and child health activities and strategies that align with Ramsey County’s racial and health equity priorities and Title V MCH Block Grant requirements.  
The Adolescent Health Coordinator, who will work in the Healthy Communities Division, will work in collaboration with the Maternal and Child Health Coordinator on efforts focused on adolescent health. This position will work across the department and with community partners on adolescent health activities and strategies that align with the Ramsey County’s racial and health equity priorities and Title V MCH Block Grant requirements. 

 Assignments for both positions include reporting of the Title V MCH Block Grant, coordinating and facilitating maternal, child and adolescent health related data presentations, planning and evaluation work; reviewing and updating existing related assessments and plans; engaging with community in reducing health disparities; and building and maintaining relationships with community agencies and contracts. The ideal candidates for both positions will have strong backgrounds in public health; community-based experiences; strategic planning; and maternal, child and adolescent health expertise.
To develop comprehensive long and short-range plans, projects and programs in the area assigned; to develop recommendations on policies, procedures, or services in response to specific issues, problems or disputes; to provide leadership and coordination  of projects, procedures and plans in the area of specialization or department assigned; to review, services and programs to develop recommendations for service changes or to make budget recommendations; and to perform related duties as assigned.   (This is the journey or full-performance level in this class series.  Assignments typically require the proficiency of skill ordinarily acquired through experience as a Planning Specialist 1.)

Flexible Workplace
This position is identified under the designation of ‘flex work eligible’, meaning that the employee can formally opt to be in-office full-time or work a flex schedule in which at least two-days per week are performed in office and other days can be performed in a remote-first environment. Regardless of selection, the position carries expectations regarding on-site responsibilities and will require schedule flexibility beyond the minimum expectations set forth in the county’s flexible workplace policy. To view Ramsey County’s Flexible Workplace policy, go to: Flexible Workplace policy.

If an internal candidate is selected, salary will be set in accordance with the personnel rules, i.e. promotion, transfer, or voluntary reduction. 
To view or print a copy of the complete Ramsey County job (class) description for this job, go to: Job Descriptions. Once at this page, you can browse the alphabetical list or search for a job description. 

Salary Range for Planning Specialist 1 - $31.81 to $47.23.
Salary Range for Planning Specialist 2 - $34.41 to $51.02

Exam/Screening Process Information

The examination process will consist of the following section with each section weighted as indicated:
Training and Experience Rating = 100%
The examination for a Planning Specialist 1-2 will consist of a training and experience rating, comprised of the questions in the attached supplemental questionnaire. Not all applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will pass the training and experience rating.  The rating on this supplemental questionnaire will depend on your answers to the questions – do not mark “see resume” or “see work history” as a response. Please answer all your questions clearly and completely.  Failure to respond could affect your score and final rank on this examination.
Eligible List:  The names of all applicants who filed a properly completed application and passed the examination/screening process shall be placed on the eligible list for an employment opportunity as a Planning Specialist 1 & 2. This list will be certified to the appointing authority which may use this list to conduct interviews to fill a vacancy. Candidates will remain on the list for one month or until hired, whichever occurs first. A notice will be sent to applicants at the time the eligible list is posted, informing them that the list has been posted and their rank on the list.  

Veteran's Preference:   This is a classified position requiring an open, competitive selection process.  Veteran's Preference points will be applied after a candidate passes the examination process.  Applicants who are eligible for veteran's preference should update their veteran's DD214, and other supporting documents, and submit them as an attachment at the time of application.
Criminal Background Checks:   All employment offers are conditioned upon the applicant passing a criminal background check. Convictions are not an automatic bar to employment. Each case is considered on its individual merits and the type of work sought. However, making false statements or withholding information will cause you to be barred from employment, or removed from employment.
In addition, you may be subject to one or more of the following:
Background Investigation

 E-Verify Participation:  Ramsey County participates in the federal E-Verify program. This means that Ramsey County will provide the Social Security Administration (SSA) and, if necessary, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), with information from each new employee's Form I-9 to confirm work authorization. If the Government cannot confirm that you are authorized to work, Ramsey County is required to give you written instructions and an opportunity to contact DHS and/or the SSA before taking adverse action against you, including terminating your employment. Employers may not use E-Verify to pre-screen job applicants and may not limit or influence the choice of documents you present for use on the Form I-9.
Equal Opportunity Employer:   Ramsey County provides equal access to employment, programs, and services without regard to race, color, creed, religion, age, sex (except when sex is a Bona Fide Occupational Qualification), disability, familial or marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity, public assistance status, place of residence, political affiliation, or national origin. Ramsey County is deeply committed to advancing racial equity and promoting diversity and inclusion within all areas of our workforce.
To print a paper application for this posting click Paper Application. You will need to print this posting and answer the supplemental questions associated with this exam and submit them with your completed paper application.
For further information regarding this posting, please contact


Examples of Work Performed

  1. Conduct studies, needs assessments and special projects, to determine the need for and type of changes required in services in response to changes in the environment and make recommendations for departmental implementation.
  2. Coordinate the work of county and applicable community groups to develop, implement, plan and structure to carry out strategies and action steps.
  3. Analyze trends, research data, changes in laws, rules and regulations to determine impact on the county or department and make recommendations for response.
  4. Participate with other staff in developing and implementing long and short range plans to address changing service needs, changes in legislation, and to respond to specific problem areas.
  5. Coordinate with state and regional planning and implementation efforts related to the targeted population.
  6. Develop recommendations to integrate and coordinate county efforts across departments to improve the response to the needs of the target population.
  7. Develop recommendations regarding the level and distribution of funding necessary to meet the needs of the target population.
  8. Develop and implement targeted fundraising strategies to raise private and public non-county resources to help meet the needs of the target population.
  9. Analyze evaluation data on services provided or purchased by the county or department for compliance with goals and objectives and recommend corrective action where necessary.
  10. Represent the county or department at community and government meetings to explain department policies, programs and services as they relate to a target population or specific projects, and to participate in problem-solving meetings.
  11. Prepare plans, charts, reports, and other documents for use by other persons or groups affected by or involved in planning functions.
  12. Analyze proposals submitted to the department for funding and make recommendations based on needs, appropriateness of service, and availability of funding.
  13. Facilitate, on an ongoing basis, the work of a planning team of professionals from the operating departments or divisions to review problems and service needs to establish an appropriate course of action.
  14. Prepare legislative proposals in response to the needs identified for target populations or in order to meet other needs identified to more effectively serve county residents.
  15. Provide planning, coordination, and ongoing implementation of services and programs assigned.

(The work assigned to a position in this classification may not include all possible tasks in this description and does not limit the assignment of any additional tasks in this classification.  Regular attendance according to the position’s management approved work schedule is required.)


ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.


Minimum Qualifications

Planning Specialist 1:

Education:  Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Social or Behavioral Sciences or related field.
Experience:  Four years of experience in planning, service delivery, or a related function appropriate to the department to which assigned.
Substitution:  Any combination of education and experience that equates to eight years can be substituted for bachelor’s degree and required experience.
Certifications/Licensure: None.


Planning Specialist 2:

Education:  Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Social or Behavioral Sciences or related field.


Experience:  Six years of experience in planning, service delivery, or a related function appropriate to the department assigned.


Substitution: Any combination of education and experience that equates to ten years can be substituted for bachelor’s degree and required experience. 


Certifications/Licensure:  None.

Ramsey County

Contact: Nirvana Wallace
Phone 651-266-2700
Plato Building
90 West Plato Boulevard
Saint Paul, MN, Ramsey, Minnesota 55107
Transit: On bus line