Director of Innovation and Strategy (Unclassified)
Full-Time Director of Innovation and Strategy (Unclassified) at Ramsey County
Available Openings: 1
Industry: Government
Pay Type: Salary
Compensation: $105,563.51 - $156,876.81 Annually
Education Level: Master's Degree
E-Verify: Yes

To direct, administer and manage the Innovation and Strategy Division, including the Evaluation, Research and Reporting, Business and Functional Systems Support Services, eHealth Capability Team, Planning, and Information and Operations Support Services by establishing research and evaluations priorities; designing and implementing integrated automated information systems; establishing and guiding strategic planning and alignment of county-wide strategic priorities for the service team; overseeing space/facility management; and to perform related duties as assigned.  

This position will remain open until filled. Initial review of applications will occur on May 20th; with first round interviews of qualified candidates scheduled for the week of May 27th.  

Interested candidates may apply by completing the online application and attaching a resume and cover letter detailing their experience including the size of the organization(s) and scope of responsibilities. 

Flexible Workplace
This position is identified under the designation of ‘flex work eligible’, meaning that the employee can formally opt to be in-office full-time or work a flex schedule in which at least two-days per week are performed in office and other days can be performed in a remote-first environment. Regardless of selection, the position carries expectations regarding on-site responsibilities and will require schedule flexibility beyond the minimum expectations set forth in the county’s flexible workplace policy. To view Ramsey County’s Flexible Workplace policy, go to: Flexible Workplace Policy



  1. Promote a diverse, culturally competent, and respectful workplace.
  2. Direct and administer the development of the department budget to ensure compliance with guidelines established by the County Board.
  3. Direct the allocation of fiscal, physical and human resources to carry out efficiently the functions and priorities of the division. Meet with elected officials, state and federal representatives, community groups and research professionals to explain Health and Wellness Service Team strategy and vision, resolve problems and develop more efficient and effective modes of service delivery.
  4. Direct the overall management of the department.
  5. Direct data privacy functions for the department.
  6. Design strategic planning methods to assist directors and managers to evaluate and modify delivery of services to clients.
  7. Direct the ongoing creation of a multifaceted, management information system, including e-health capability team by approving plans for automation, integrating separate systems, and developing computerized work flows to increase productivity and improve the quality of the information collected, in partnership with Information Security.
  8. Direct the preparation of analyses that assess overall Health and Wellness Service Team department performance, measure internal and external conditions which affect the department's objectives, and recommend long range goals to improve service delivery.
  9. Lead the development and sustainability of a vision for strategic planning and innovation across the Health and Wellness Service Team and serve as a resource for department directors and leaders.
  10. Oversee the delivery of support services including: mailroom/messengers, record processing, driver/vehicles, purchasing & printshop.
  11. Direct the planning and project management for space planning and staff moves for the department, including telephone and computer changes, physical moves, and the ordering and installation of new office furniture.

  (The work assigned to a position in this classification may not include all possible tasks in this work and does not limit the assignment of any additional tasks in this classification.  Regular attendance according to the position’s management approved work schedule is required.)
 ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.


 This position directly supervises 6 managers, and one clerical; one racial and health equity liaison and indirectly supervises approximately 118 professional, clerical and support staff. This position is the top management position in the Innovation and Strategy Division.
 Daily contact with managers of the Division to establish policy, allocate resources, address personnel issues and determine Division priorities; weekly contact with deputy county manager for consultation regarding department operation, service delivery, personnel issues, policy development, problem resolution and establishing priorities for systems and automation; weekly contact with department and division directors to establish work rules, policies, operations recommendations and coordinating work with other divisions; monthly contact with state Department of Human Services to recommend policies related to computerized systems and to conduct research for human services legislation; occasional   contact with researchers from federal and other state agencies to provide information regarding research completed by the department; occasional  contact with community agencies and groups to provide information and consultation and respond to concerns; occasional contact with the media to explain programs and policy, and to account for agency actions; quarterly contact with County Board to provide information required for decision making and response to county concerns.
 Impacts on the quality of financial and policy information provided to managers in order to make effective decisions. Good performance results in accurate, timely and relevant information for administrative decisions. Errors could result in poor decisions which could severely impede or reduce quality of service or result in poor policy decisions which could seriously interfere with the effective functioning of the entire department. This position also has a profound and long-range impact on all services of the department and on all clients served in terms of setting policy regarding division operations, productivity improvement projects and other special projects which result in extensive service delivery changes. Good performance can result in considerable cost savings through application of technology to reduce paperwork; whereas errors could result in choosing technological directions which could waste hundreds and thousands of dollars. Errors in budgeting or policy decisions could result in lost revenues or lawsuits.
 This position is designated as Hybrid and at least 2 days a week will be spent in an office setting. Private office setting is available.

  • Knowledge of scientific research methods, evaluation and statistical analyses. 
  • Knowledge of principles and techniques of management and administration. 
  • Knowledge of the principles, laws, rules and regulations governing a public human service agency. 
  • Knowledge of the purpose, structure and capacity of computerized information systems and technology used by a public service agency. 
  • Knowledge of adult learning theory and techniques. 
  • Knowledge and skills advancing racial equity, cultural understanding, and engaging with diverse community.
  • Knowledge and skills for effective facilitation and training.
  • Knowledge and skills in effective communication with elected officials.
  • Ability to conceptualize quickly and clearly and to communicate complex ideas, both verbally and in writing. 
  • Ability to develop and administer a complex budget. 
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with department directors, academic and private researchers, government officials, community agencies and elected officials. 
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize research and evaluation information and effectively communicate this information both verbally and through written reports. 
  • Ability to manage and direct a technical and multifaceted management information system within a complex human services agency.
  • Ability to present and work collaboratively with community and stakeholder groups comprised from individuals from multiple races, ethnicities and cultures.

Minimum Qualifications
Education: Master's degree in public administration, computer science, social work or related field.
Experience: Seven years of progressive administrative and management experience in a public or private human service agency or related organization, including three years' experience in finance, information systems and/or evaluation.
Substitution:  A Bachelor’s Degree in public administration, computer science, social work or related field and two additional years of related experience may substitute for the Master’s Degree.

Exam/Screening Process Information

This position will remain open until filled. Initial review of applications will occur on May 20th; with first round interviews of qualified candidates scheduled for the week of May 27th.  

This is an unclassified, at-will position, holding a confidential relation to the department head or elected official.   This position requires an open screening and selection process.  There is no exam for this unclassified, at-will, position.  All applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be forwarded to the department for consideration.  Please read below for further instructions.
Definition of Unclassified from the Ramsey County Personnel Act:
Subdivision 1. General. "The appointing authority may discharge employees in the unclassified service with or without cause. Employees in the unclassified service have no right to a grievance appeal from discharge or other disciplinary action under sections 383A.281 to 383A.301. An employee in an unclassified position shall not have tenure but shall be entitled to all benefits associated with tenure such as vacation leave, sick leave, health insurance, and other benefits as determined by the county board."

Interested candidates may apply by completing the online application and attaching a resume and cover letter detailing their experience including the size of the organization(s) and scope of responsibilities. 

To print a paper application for this posting click Paper Application (Download PDF reader) (Download PDF reader) (Download PDF reader).

Criminal Background Checks: All employment offers are conditioned upon the applicant passing a criminal background check. Convictions are not an automatic bar to employment. Each case is considered on its individual merits and the type of work sought. However, making false statements or withholding information will cause you to be barred from appointment, or removed from employment.

E-Verify Participation: Ramsey County participates in the federal E-Verify program. This means that Ramsey County will provide the Social Security Administration (SSA) and, if necessary, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), with information from each new employee's Form I-9 to confirm work authorization. If the Government cannot confirm that you are authorized to work, Ramsey County is required to give you written instructions and an opportunity to contact DHS and/or the SSA before taking adverse action against you, including terminating your employment. Employers may not use E-Verify to pre-screen job applicants and may not limit or influence the choice of documents you present for use on the Form I-9.

Equal Opportunity Employer:  Ramsey County provides equal access to employment, programs and services without regard to race, color, creed, religion, age, sex (except when sex is a Bona Fide Occupational Qualification), disability, marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity, public assistance or national origin.

The letter of interest, resume and the application may be sent electronically by attaching the materials to the online posting.  If you have difficulty uploading your resume or cover letter you may contact Patrick Lemmon at

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