Seeds Student Worker Paraprofessional
Full-Time Seeds Student Worker Paraprofessional at Minnesota Department of Transportation - Metro District
Available Openings: 10
Industry: Government
Youth Friendly
Pay Type: Hourly
Compensation: $16.82 - $19.69
Education Preferred: Yes
Education Level: High School

The Minnesota Department of Transportation’s (MnDOT) Seeds Student Worker Program is structured to equip and train qualified, diverse students for potential permanent employment with the agency. To be eligible to participate a student must fall within one of the following categories: a minority; a Recently Separated Veteran (RSV); economically disadvantaged (see *Note below); a student with a disability; or a woman in a STEM or non-traditional field. *Note: If you are applying based on economic status, you will be asked to provide information to verify income eligibility. Please go to the following link for details: If you meet the criteria, you will be contacted to provide proof of your economic status.

This job posting will be used to fill multiple vacancies as they become available in the Seeds Program. Positions may be in the Twin Cities Metro area or throughout the State of Minnesota. The job class noted above is Student Worker Paraprofessional. However, vacancies may be filled at the Student Worker Paraprofessional or Student Worker Paraprofessional Senior job classes depending on the specific vacancy responsibilities.


Short descriptions of current Seeds job opportunities can be found at:


Minimum Qualifications Applicants must be a current student enrolled at a college/university, trade, or technical school.

If enrolled at a credit-granting institution, an applicant must carry at least six semester (nine quarter) credits; or If enrolled at a non-credit granting institution or one that only offers one credit per class, the applicant must be taking two or more classes per semester/quarter. Any lesser credit (class) load shall be treated as a semester/quarter off; or Graduate students must be enrolled in at least two courses or making progress on a dissertation. If hired, you will be asked to complete an Education Verification form prior to your appointment.

Applicants must be studying a field that fulfills a MnDOT need. The applicable major is determined for each specific vacancy. Examples of majors that meet this criteria may include:

Accounting, Finance, Business; Communications, Human Resources, Diversity & Equity, Law, Organizational Development, Public Administration; Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Construction Management, Environmental Studies, Land Surveying, Planning, Urban Studies; or General Studies, Administrative Support. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 for all majors except engineering. Engineering majors must have a minimum GPA of a 3.0. Applicants will be asked to provide a copy of their transcript to verify GPA prior to being invited to interview.

Applicants must have a minimum of one academic year left in their post-secondary program prior to graduation.

NOTE: You must include an anticipated graduation/completion date and field of study on your resume to determine eligibility. Additional Requirements Successful candidate must pass past-employer reference checks and criminal history check

It is our policy that all candidates submit to a background investigation prior to employment. The background check may consist of the following components: SEMA4 Records Check, Criminal History Check, Employment Reference Check, Driver’s License Check, Education/License Verification and Pre-Employment Physical.

Minnesota Department of Transportation - Metro District

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Phone 612-463-1345
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