Assistant Deputy Director of Administration - Community Corrections
Full-Time Assistant Deputy Director of Administration - Community Corrections at Ramsey County
Available Openings: 1
Industry: Government
Pay Type: Salary
Compensation: $88,264.79 - $131,186.96 Annually
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
E-Verify: Yes
Basic Function

To assist the Deputy Director of a Community Corrections Division in the management of the Administrative Services division and/or the Field Services division, including the day-to-day operations of the division and ensuring the quality of the supervisory services provided; maintaining and monitoring fiscal, program and service provision accountability; to formulate and oversee the implementation of Division outcome measures; partner with Human Resources in attracting a diverse talenteThisd pool of candidates by placing equity at the center of recruitment, hiring, retention and promotion of staff;  guide the division in incorporating racial equity principals into its operations, programs, services and polices; assist with the development for inclusive, effective and meaningful community engagement; collaborate with senior leaders and staff to advance racial equity; in the absence of the Deputy Director, assumes all duties associated with this position; and to perform related duties as assigned.

The vacancy is in the Administrative Division of Ramsey County Community Corrections. The ideal candidate will demonstrate an ability to work effectively across teams, center race equity in decision-making, work to build partnerships across the service team and County to improve outcomes for clients.   The candidate will have effective communication skills, an ability to deliver presentations for large and small groups, and knowledge of the process needed to successfully implement evidence-based interventions.  

This position will remain open until filled. Applicants should respond promptly as initial screening of applications will begin on March 29, 2023. 

An ideal candidate will possess the following leadership competencies:

  • Promote a diverse, culturally competent, and respectful workplace.
  • Serve with integrity, empower, manage, and coach leadership at all levels, advance equity, value community, and invest in people.
  • Proven leadership capabilities, collaborator, team player, and consensus builder.
  • Forward-thinking, high-impact, leader motivated by the advancement of the organization.
  • Highly impactful consulting, influencing, and negotiation skills.
  • Ability to lead and drive organizational change.
  • Ability to coach leaders and staff at all levels through complex, nuanced, and, at times, difficult issues.
  • Demonstrated ability to establish strategic direction aligned with organizational strategies.
  • Impactful communication and presentation skills, including the ability to engage in dialogue with leadership and management teams.
Flexible Workplace 
This position is identified under the designation of ‘flex work eligible’, meaning that the employee can formally opt to be in-office full-time or work a flex schedule in which at least two-days per week are performed in office and other days can be performed in a remote-first environment. Regardless of selection, the position carries expectations regarding on-site responsibilities and will require schedule flexibility beyond the minimum expectations set forth in the county’s flexible workplace policy. To view Ramsey County’s Flexible Workplace policy, go to: Flexible Workplace policy (Download PDF reader) (Download PDF reader).
Covid 19
All job offers are conditioned on the candidate being 
fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with a vaccine authorized for emergency use or FDA-approved.  You will be required to show proof of vaccination on or before your first day of employment and complete a form certifying that you are vaccinated.  Religious and medical exemptions or reasonable accommodations will be considered upon request as required by applicable law.
If an internal candidate is selected, the salary will be set in accordance with personnel rules (i.e., promotion, transfer, or voluntary reduction).

To view or print a copy of the complete Ramsey County job description for this job, go to Job Descriptions. Once on this page, you can browse the alphabetical list or search for a job description. 


Examples of Work Performed

1.    Promote a diverse, culturally competent, and respectful workplace.
2.    Assist the Division Deputy Director in the planning and preparation of the Division’s annual budget, annual report and other divisional reports.
3.    Make operational decisions that directly impact the division.
4.    Ensure compliance with applicable federal and state laws, rules, regulations governing correctional standards and services; ensure that policies and procedures are consistent with county and department policies, nationally recognized standards and Evidence Based Practices
5.    Direct the performance evaluation process; provide input into personnel functions such as assisting in the hiring process by standardizing hiring practices and methodologies, discipline and grievance resolution, collaborate with the Deputy Director to ensure disciplinary actions are appropriately and consistently applied in accordance with departmental and county policies.
6.    Ensure that staff development activities are carried out within the division in accordance with the department’s overall staff development programs and in collaboration with the Administrative Services Division.
7.    Represent the department and the division on various committees including those of the second district court, state department of corrections, county service teams, and cooperate with various other criminal justice collaborative efforts, and other outside agencies.
8.    Ensure that the work of the division is grounded in evidence based practices for the day-to-day delivery of services and that the division’s practices and policies are carried out as intended and are uniformly applied, ensure quality assurance methods are in place and report the results to the Deputy Director and the Department Director. 
9.    Develop, prepare, organize and present data regarding divisional activities, including the development of management information systems and make presentations to the county board, judiciary, and legislative bodies and to community organizations provide oversight in the use of the department’s case management system to ensure uniformity of its use and take advantage of new technologies as they become available.
10.    Review outcomes for purchase of service grants and monitor this process with the cooperation of the department’s budget office to ensure funding streams are in place.
11.    Maintain oversight of the division’s records retention process.
12.    Coordinate the efforts of the division as appropriate in the absence of the Deputy Director.

(The work assigned to a position in this classification may not include all possible tasks in this work and does not limit the assignment of any additional tasks in this classification.  Regular attendance according to the position’s management approved work schedule is required.)

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

Administrative Services: 

Contact residents, community leaders, parent groups, faith-based organizations and other interested community groups and individuals to explain agency functions and objectives and addresses complaints of a highly sensitive nature on behalf of the department or directs such complaints to the appropriate authority(s).

Develop and disseminate informational materials concerning community-based initiatives and makes public presentations to promote program understanding; plans, develops and presents materials for a wide variety of audiences including culturally diverse groups.

Coordinate, plan and manage public information, advertising, marketing, and communications activities for the Department; serves as a media spokesperson and interprets and ensures compliance with laws pertaining to public information.

Prepare or assist in preparation of communications budget.

Under the director of the Division Deputy Director, coordinate Community Corrections legislative platform and assist in developing and communicating legislative priorities on behalf of the Community Corrections.

Coordinate the PREA compliance for the department. This includes the facility compliance inspections as well as coordinating any PREA complaints.

Manage the Transformative Services Unit, the Fiscal Services Unit, the Program Planning and Evaluation Unit and the Applications Management Team, including 2 planning manager positions

Acts as a regular point of contact  with the racial equity coordinators and racial equity initiatives in the department and service team.  

Facilitate and coordinate all data practices requests. Works with staff, the Ramsey County attorney’s office, and Ramsey County Communications to process, redact, and provide data on a timely basis.

Coordinate and support the departments interns and volunteers as well as the Volunteers in Corrections organization.

Represent administrative services and/or community corrections in HR and/or Labor Relations related activities, assists Division Deputy Director to hear and decide on step II union grievances for the department. In the absence of the Deputy Director of Administrative Services, the Assistant will hear and determine Step 2 grievances and consults with HR and/or Labor Relations related issues.

Field Services:

Direct the activity of probation supervisors; review and audit probation reports with supervisors, and in collaboration with the Deputy Director, implement corrective action that may be indicated. Evaluate the performance of the supervisors and discuss outcomes with other managers. 


Minimum Qualifications

Education:  Bachelor’s degree in social or behavioral science or a closely related field. (No substitution for education.)

Experience:  Seven years experience in corrections or a related field; including at least three years as a Ramsey County Community Corrections Supervisor or four years as a manager (or equivalent) in corrections or a corrections related field.

Desired Qualifications: An advanced degree in a related area, experience in leading and evidenced based practices initiative, and management experience.  Demonstrates continual professional development. 

Substitution:  None.

Certifications/Licensure:  Valid Driver License

Exam/Screening Process Information

This position will remain open for application until filled. Applicants should respond promptly as an initial screening of resumes will occur on Monday, March 27, 2023.  Initial interviews are tentatively scheduled for the week of  April 3, 2023; with second interviews tentatively scheduled the week of  April 10, 2023.

This is an unclassified, at-will position, holding a confidential relation to the department head or elected official.   This position requires an open screening and selection process.  There is no exam for this unclassified, at-will, position.  All applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be forwarded to the department for consideration.  Please read below for further instructions.

Definition of Unclassified from the Ramsey County Personnel Act:
Subdivision 1. General. "The appointing authority may discharge employees in the unclassified service with or without cause. Employees in the unclassified service have no right to a grievance appeal from discharge or other disciplinary action under sections 383A.281 to 383A.301. An employee in an unclassified position shall not have tenure but shall be entitled to all benefits associated with tenure such as vacation leave, sick leave, health insurance, and other benefits as determined by the county board."

Interested candidates may apply by completing the online application and submitting a letter of interest and resume.  Your letter of interest should include a brief (one-page) narrative describing your interest in this position, your understanding of the duties, and why you feel you are a suitable candidate for the position.

Criminal Background Checks: All employment offers are conditioned upon the applicant passing a criminal background check. Convictions are not an automatic bar to employment. Each case is considered on its individual merits and the type of work sought. However, making false statements or withholding information will cause you to be barred from employment, or removed from employment.

E-Verify Participation: Ramsey County participates in the federal E-Verify program. This means that Ramsey County will provide the Social Security Administration (SSA) and, if necessary, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), with information from each new employee's Form I-9 to confirm work authorization.  If the Government cannot confirm that you are authorized to work, Ramsey County is required to give you written instructions and an opportunity to contact DHS and/or the SSA before taking adverse action against you, including terminating your employment.  Employers may not use E-Verify to pre-screen job applicants and may not limit or influence the choice of documents you present for use on Form I-9.
Equal Opportunity Employer: Ramsey County provides equal access to employment, programs, and services without regard to race, color, creed, religion, age, sex (except when sex is a Bona Fide Occupational Qualification), disability, marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity, public assistance, or national origin.

To print a paper application for this posting click Paper Application (Download PDF reader) (Download PDF reader). 

The letter of interest, resume, and application may be sent electronically by attaching the materials to the online posting.  If you have difficulty uploading your materials, you may contact or by phone at 651-266-2703 for assistance. 

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