Charting the Course: Unraveling Ramsey County's Workforce Trends for 2024

Charting the Course: Unraveling Ramsey County's Workforce Trends for 2024 Main Photo

30 Jan 2024

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In the ever-changing work landscape, Ramsey County, MN, stands at the intersection of transformation and opportunity. Employers throughout the area offer a similar report regarding their workforce: there is a talent shortage. Despite having one of the country’s highest labor force participation rates and being ranked by CNBC as the fifth-best state for business, Minnesota has approximately two open jobs for every available worker.

Ramsey County individuals, businesses and organizations seek to collaborate on solutions to help employers find the workers they need. One such organization is Ramsey County Workforce Solutions, which aims to strengthen the community’s economic success through personalized and effective workforce development. Its staff is driven by the county’s needs, the pursuit of excellence, the use of best practices and respect for all. In that regard, Workforce Solutions recently hosted a Zoom Webinar by Erin Olson, Senior Director of Strategic Research with RealTime Talent, who shared an in-depth report centered on the top trends that will shape Ramsey County's workforce in 2024 and beyond.

“We have seen seismic shifts in the world of work in recent years, driven forward by ongoing economic uncertainties, dramatic talent shortages, workforce misalignments and rapidly evolving technology,” said Olson. “These dynamics make forecasting future labor market needs and supply uniquely challenging. Despite the turbulence, several pivotal shifts have materialized, illuminating the path ahead in inclusive workplaces, skills-based hiring and the digital workplace.”

Dynamic Shifts in Workforce Dynamics

The workforce ecosystem in Ramsey County is undergoing profound changes, marked by a confluence of factors—economic uncertainties, talent shortages and the relentless pace of technological evolution. These challenges have made predicting future labor market needs and supply an intricate puzzle.

“The RealTime Talent data and indicated trends will be instrumental in helping guide and direct Ramsey County Workforce Solutions and the Workforce Innovation Board of Ramsey County in developing the strategies it supports for local workforce development,” said Ling Becker, Ramsey County Workforce Solutions Director. 

Key Trends Illuminated

Despite the turbulence, Ramsey County is adapting and leading the way in pivotal shifts, illuminating the path forward.

Inclusive Workplaces:

  • The study emphasizes the rise of inclusive workplaces, recognizing the imperative of diversity, equity and inclusion. Ramsey County must continue to foster environments that celebrate differences, fuel innovation and enhance overall resilience.

Skills-Based Hiring:

  • Talent shortages have prompted a shift towards skills-based hiring. Ramsey County employers recognize the value of competencies over traditional qualifications, unlocking new possibilities for diverse talent acquisition.

The Digital Workplace:

  • Embracing the digital revolution, Ramsey County navigates the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly evolving technological landscape. Remote work, digital collaboration tools and innovative technologies are becoming integral to the county's workforce fabric.

Navigating Through RealTime Talent's Insights

RealTime Talent's report serves as a comprehensive guide for an in-depth exploration of these trends. Access the complete report and insights at Top 10 Trends in Ramsey County's Workforce 2024.

The Top 10 Trends are:

  1. People are our best asset
  2. Skills-based hiring
  3. Education will innovate
  4. Driver’s licenses as a credential
  5. Early childhood education crisis
  6. Healthcare workforce shortages
  7. Hybrid work
  8. Cybersecurity
  9. AI in recruitment
  10. AI in workforce optimization

Implications for Ramsey County's Future

Understanding these trends is not just a response to change but an opportunity to shape the future. Ramsey County is positioned to harness the benefits of inclusive workplaces, skills-focused hiring practices and digital transformation.

“The 2024 Talent Trends presentation had a tremendous amount of data-backed information that was insightful and will be considered during our strategy discussions,” said DJ Bergeron, Vice President, Talent Acquisition Leader at Bremer Bank. “Some of the details shared confirmed assumptions and other particulars were ahead of trends we’ve been hearing about.”

Embarking on a Year-Long Journey

This overview marks the beginning of a year-long series where each trend will be dissected, providing a nuanced understanding of its implications. Join us in the coming months on this journey as we unravel the layers of Ramsey County's evolving workforce landscape.

RealTime Talent's report is a compass, guiding Ramsey County through the complexities of a transforming workforce. The trends identified pave the way for a resilient, innovative and inclusive future. Stay tuned for an in-depth exploration of each trend, charting the course for Ramsey County's workforce in the coming years.