Ramsey County Offers Support to New Childcare Business Start-ups

Ramsey County Offers Support to New Childcare Business Start-ups Main Photo

3 Jun 2022

Ramsey County in partnership with Think Small Institute launches a new Early Childhood Academy, which will provide services to attract and retain child care programs in the region. Of the new services being offered is a new business start-up program. The program will: 
    • Help participants through the child care start-up process.
    • Provide advice about how to locate or retrofit space.
    • Match start-up child care providers with experienced mentors who currently operate high-quality programs.
    • Provide compensation to new child care providers to apply their learned skills while getting feedback in the early stages.
    • Suppy training in health, safety and kindergarten-readiness best practices associated with state licensure and a Parent Aware Rating.
This three-year, $750,000 initiative is a part of the Ramsey County Investment and Support Efforts program, funded through the American Rescue Plan Act and expected to offer an array of new incentives and support services. 
Ramsey County residents and interested participants are encouraged to learn more or register at thinksmallinstitute.org/RamseyCounty.