Gov. Walz Signs Bill for Frontline Worker Bonuses, Unemployment

Gov. Walz Signs Bill for Frontline Worker Bonuses, Unemployment Main Photo

3 May 2022

In the coming weeks, millions in relief dollars will pour back into the pockets of frontline workers and Minnesota businesses.

On April 29, Gov. Tim Walz signed the Frontline Worker Pay bill which will provide bonus payments to workers who remained on the job during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Walz also signed the unemployment Insurance (UI) bill which will pump nearly $3 billion into fund that was largely depleted due to workers being laid off or terminated due to the pandemic. 

Frontline Worker Pay bill

  • Provides $750 bonus payments to roughly 667,000 frontline workers, totaling about $500 million. 

  • Program details, including the application process and timeline are still being finalized.

  • Updates and eligibility requirements can be found at

Unemployment Insurance bill

  • Provides tax relief to roughly 130,000 Minnesota business, totaling about $200 million.

  • Replenishes the UI Trust Fund to $1.3 billion to ensure UI benefits are available to workers in the future. 

  • Shields Minnesota businesses from paying higher UI taxes in the future.

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development will begin recalculating employer taxes due and provide information on tax account credits.

To learn more about the process, check out the FAQ's sheet on the agency's website.