The East Team's Pitch Book

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10 May 2021

Saint Paul, Greater MSP, Ramsey County, Redevelopment

Ramsey County works with a coalition of civic leaders and organizations in Saint Paul known as the East Team that are driving the boldest projects we’ve seen in generations and investing in sustainable, inclusive economic development for the region.

From reimagining the city’s connection to the Mississippi River at Riversedge to a bold new vision of the Central Business District, across downtown projects are transforming Saint Paul and spurring economic growth for all our residents now and for generations to come.

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For all that Saint Paul has to offer — the charm, the history, the green space, the vibrancy — what makes us special is our people.

The diverse viewpoints, fresh ideas, unending drive.

We are invested in those who will define the Saint Paul of tomorrow.

We create a community where inspiration is shared and success is celebrated.

We make opportunity accessible and cultivate openness — in space and mindset — to what’s next.

We embrace new thinking and empower doers who are willing to try.

For those who follow their passion. For those who are committed to a purpose.

Learn more about doing business in downtown Saint Paul.