Deluxe Corp.’s ‘Small Business Revolution’ Turns its Cameras on Black-Owned Businesses

2 Mar 2021


Deluxe Corporation’s small business makeover TV series “Small Business Revolution” is staying close to home for its upcoming Season 6 in order to spotlight six Black-owned businesses in six Twin Cities neighborhoods.

In past seasons, the show travels to a small town somewhere in the country to help Main Street businesses turn their luck around. The show’s hosts and guest experts offer business tools and advice—everything from marketing strategy to financial advice to design improvements. This year, though, the show isn’t traveling far, or to a small town. Deluxe announced today that Season 6, airing this fall, will be based in Deluxe’s hometown of Minneapolis-St. Paul. 

The show will spotlight six businesses from six neighborhoods across the Twin Cities, with each episode focusing on one neighborhood and its selected business. The participating neighborhoods are Rondo, Frogtown, and East St. Paul in St. Paul, and Lake Street, West Broadway, and South Minneapolis in Minneapolis. Season 6 will also focus its energies and total budget of $500,000 on Black-owned businesses within those neighborhoods. 

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