St. Paul entrepreneur to pitch his no-suds duds and ‘gross’ underwear on ‘Shark Tank’

11 Feb 2021


Wen Muenyi thinks you change your underwear too often.


“People think this is the grossest idea in the world,” said Muenyi, a 27-year-old African immigrant who lives in St. Paul, and launched  a line of laundry-minimal clothing.

He suggests customers wash his HercLeon underwear every three days and other garments once a month. The low-wash duds landed him a spot on the ABC-TV series “Shark Tank,” in which entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to investors. The show will air at 7 p.m. Friday on KSTP-TV.

Underwear is particularly harmful to the environment, he said, because people often wash it every day. That wastes water, fuel for heating the water, and soap. It also wears out the underwear more quickly.

“Underwear is the most polluting clothing we have,” Muenyi said.

Muenyi was born in the Central African nation of Cameroon, before his mother immigrated to America.

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