Best New Restaurant Pivots

15 Mar 2021


On a night in March 2020, we celebrated our last restaurant issue—the MSP50, with the Golden Fork winners. Exactly one week later, all restaurant dining rooms were ordered to close.

March was a heady month. But as battered and tested as our local food people are after the last seven months, they have proven their grit. They’ve rallied for each other and for their community. They’ve overhauled, tweaked, and pivoted their business models on the fly like no other industry. They are indomitable.

Given how our local restaurants and bars have suffered, and continue to struggle, we decided to ditch the food trend lists and skip the typical Best New laudations for 2020. Instead, we champion the businesses and the people making it happen—for their compassion, their drive, their charity, and their guts. Never have we lamented the loss of so many great restaurants in so short a time, and never have we been so grateful for the fighters we have left. Love your cities, love your neighbors, love your restaurants, eat local.

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