Minnesota Family Business Awards 2020

13 Oct 2020


When time are tough, it’s often our families we turn to for support. The 2020 Minnesota Family Business Awards honorees can all speak to the resilience, agility, and strength of family relationships that carry them through challenging times, personally and professionally. Particularly this year, with a pandemic making it nearly impossible to separate the personal from the professional, relying on that emotional bedrock is not only comforting, it sets company culture. 

The leaders of the businesses TCB is recognizing this year will all eagerly tell you that they are bonded to their employees and, in many cases, their clients and customers, in ways that are very similar to the ties that unite them as families. Those kinds of bonds help them emerge from stressful and uncertain days stronger than ever. It’s the not-so-secret “secret” of their success and durability.

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