Automation Specialist
Full-Time Automation Specialist at Enterprise Minnesota
Available Openings: 4
Industry: Manufacturing
Pay Type: Hourly
Compensation: $40-50k
Education Level: N/A

Discover the St. Paul Corrugating Difference!

At St. Paul Corrugating, we don't just manufacture corrugated metal products; we shape the future with innovation, precision, and a commitment to excellence. As pioneers in the industry, our journey is not just about metal; it's about crafting a legacy that withstands time.

Where Tradition Meets Technology: Step into a world where the heritage of craftsmanship merges seamlessly with cutting-edge technology. Our commitment to quality is not just a promise; it's a tradition handed down through generations. At St. Paul Corrugating, we embrace the challenge of crafting products that redefine industry standards.

Sustainability in Every Fold: Beyond manufacturing, we take pride in our sustainable practices. Join a team that values environmental responsibility, where every product we create is a step towards a greener, more sustainable future. At St. Paul Corrugating; we're building a better world.

Unleash Your Potential: Imagine a workplace where your ideas are not just heard but embraced. At St. Paul Corrugating, we foster a culture of innovation and continuous learning. Here, your skills are not just utilized; they're celebrated. Join a team that values your growth as much as you do.

Automation Specialist | Team Lead | Welding | Shipping | Receiving | Production | Maintenance Technician | Customer Service | Automated Systems Engineering

This is more than a place to work; it's a community that supports your professional journey. From hands-on development programs to leadership opportunities, St. Paul Corrugating is where careers thrive. Your success is not just our goal; it's our shared achievement.

Apply now and embark on a journey where your skills, values, and aspirations align with a company that's not just making metal products – we're making history. St. Paul Corrugating, where craftsmanship meets the future!

Together, let's shape the future of manufacturing, one innovation at a time.

Competitive Pay | Promotion opportunities | 100% Medical Insurance paid | Flexible Schedule

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Multiple Opportunities available at this growing organization!

Are you a dynamic professional with a diverse skill set in automation, production, shipping, welding, and customer service? Here's your gateway to exciting opportunities that match your unique expertise! Explore the following tailored job search:

Automation Specialist:

  • Utilize your expertise in automation to streamline processes and enhance production efficiency.
  • Explore roles in designing, implementing, and maintaining automated systems for a variety of industries.

Shipping and Logistics Coordinator:

  • Channel your proficiency in logistics to manage the end-to-end shipping process, optimizing routes and reducing delivery times.

Welding Technician:

  • Showcase your welding skills in roles that demand precision and craftsmanship, contributing to the creation of durable and high-quality products.

Customer Service Representative (Industrial Sector):

  • Leverage your excellent communication skills to provide top-notch customer service, addressing inquiries and ensuring client satisfaction within the industrial sector.

Automation Technician | Engineer:

  • Dive into roles that require a blend of engineering expertise and automation know-how, contributing to the development of cutting-edge solutions.

Production Supervisor (Cross-Functional):

  • Take on leadership roles overseeing production lines, combining your skills in automation, welding, and shipping to drive team success.

Automated Systems Maintenance Technician: - Combine your technical prowess with problem-solving skills in roles dedicated to the maintenance and optimization of automated systems.

Harness the power of your unique skill set and embark on a rewarding career journey that aligns with your passion and expertise. Start your search today, and discover opportunities where your diverse talents make a significant impact!

Enterprise Minnesota

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