Restorative Justice Specialist
Full-Time Restorative Justice Specialist at St. Paul Youth Services
Available Openings: 1
Industry: Human Services, Non Profit
Pay Type: Salary
Compensation: 58,000- 62,000
Education Preferred: Yes
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
Criminal Background: Case-by-Case Review


The Restorative Justice Specialist will oversee the restorative programming in schools including training,

student mediation, circles, and community referrals.


● In-Person at Partner School

● Occasional remote/in-person SPYS’ Office (Team Meeting, Professional Development, Administrative task)



  1. Program Responsibilities

○ Train St. Paul Youth Services’ In-School Behavior Intervention Program Team on restorative

justice methodology, conflict mediation and restorative justice school processes.

○ Facilitate restorative justice mediations to proactively address interpersonal conflicts between

up to three youth.

○ Facilitate restorative justice process for students otherwise at risk for suspension, justice system

interaction or expulsion.

○ Supervise and/or facilitate monthly skill building sessions on conflict resolution, stress

management, and other relevant skills for students.

  1. Administrative Responsibilities

○ Respond to all communication from clients, coworkers, or colleagues in a timely, responsive and

professional manner. This includes voicemail, email, and program specific communication as


○ Maintain a daily schedule as set by the manager and notify the manager of any changes in

schedule or anticipated availability.

○ Participate in individual supervision and group consultation. Maintain and enhance your ability

and skills by keeping current with pertinent research and program related literature, attending

workshops and seminars, and taking advantage of work-related opportunities for learning on the


  1. Documentation

○ Develop and maintain competency with basic computer programs and computerized data

information system (Apricot) required to complete all functions and expectations of the

organization and the specific program(s).

○ Maintain individual client records, and statistical information according to agency standards and

specific program protocol.


  1. Complete various tasks and perform miscellaneous projects as needed by management.

  2. Maintain and responsibly care for agency equipment used in the course of performing job duties.

(e.g., computers, cell phones, vehicles, etc.) Employees will be held responsible for damage or loss of

equipment resulting from the employee’s misuse or failure to appropriately safeguard the


  1. Present a professional and positive image of the organization by maintaining dress and personal

standards that are consistent with the audience or client group you will be working with on any given

day or situation.



Education and Experience

● Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or Psychology or equivalent experience (REQUIRED)

● Demonstrated success working with youth and families to achieve measurable outcomes


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

● Ability to work with youth and families from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds

● Strong interpersonal skills and group presentation skills with the ability to relate well to a wide range

of people

● Ability to develop positive working relationships with law enforcement

● Ability to work with resistant clients in a court diversion and/or restorative-justice model

● Demonstrated organizational skills, self-motivation and the ability to work as a member of a team


Applicant must be able to:

● maintain physical presence and/or remote presence for a full work day


Applicant must familiar with:

● Computer

● Social Solutions Apricot or similar social service documentation programs

St. Paul Youth Services

2100 Wilson Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55119
Transit: No Transit