Fair Chance Employment: Let’s Get to Work!

Fair Chance Employment: Let’s Get to Work! Main Photo

29 May 2023

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Fair Chance Employment: Let’s Get to Work! Solving the Worker Shortage and Empowering Individuals.

Gain insights into the legal, social, and economic considerations surrounding second and fair chance hiring as a means to address local worker shortages. Explore proven resources, best practices, and solutions that support successful workforce reintegration.

Network with like-minded leaders, exchanging ideas and building valuable connections. Let's come together to create an inclusive and vibrant workforce, revitalizing lives and strengthening communities. Interested participants will have the opportunity to participate in an ongoing cohort to implement principles in their business.

Don't miss this empowering event. Register today and be part of the movement for positive change and fixing the leaks in the talent pipeline.

Register here by Monday, June 19

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