Greater MSP Launches Career Network to Recruit BIPOC Talent

14 Sep 2021


Two years after completing college, young graduates of color are more likely to be stuck in part-time or seasonal employment than their peers, according to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development. In an effort to close that gap, the Greater MSP Partnership is launching ConnextMSP, an inclusive talent network designed to recruit, hire, and support young BIPOC professionals.

“Every year in our region, thousands of students of color graduate with degrees and certificates but face barriers to landing career-track jobs,” Greater MSP President and CEO Peter Frosch said in a statement. “ConnextMSP will help break down systemic barriers, advance racial equity, and build a 21st century workforce for our region.”

On Tuesday, Greater MSP hosted a virtual event for the business community to announce the program, two years in the making. What started as an idea within the Minneapolis Foundation with partners including the Itasca Project, Xcel Energy, and Cargill migrated to Greater MSP, an economic development partnership for the region, in 2020. More than 40 businesses, schools and organizations worked together to shape ConnextMSP.

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