Local Hospitality Company Rolls With The Punches

20 Oct 2020


The Covid-19 pandemic has decimated the hospitality industry. For many companies, it’s become increasingly difficult to operate restaurants, hotels, golf courses, and event centers due to state-mandated restrictions on capacity. So, like any other business affected by Covid-19, Morrissey Hospitality Inc. has had to make significant operational shifts to stay afloat. In May, the company shuttered Pazzaluna, its popular long-running Italian eatery in downtown St. Paul.

But, fortunately, the company has a hand in multiple segments of the hospitality industry. Taking advantage of its diversified portfolio, Morrissey has found ways to stick it out over the last few months.

TCB recently spoke with Morrissey Hospitality President Richard Dobransky to discuss the company’s response to the pandemic.

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