New partnership launched with RealTime Talent to better support job seekers

27 Feb 2020

Ramsey County, Workforce

Ramsey County Workforce Solutions is excited to launch a new partnership with RealTime Talent. The purpose of RealTime Talent is to help create more informed, market-oriented decisions throughout the Minnesota workforce and education ecosystem to ensure the state’s economy has the talent it needs to help Minnesotans prepare for well-paying careers. By bridging education, workforce systems and private sector initiatives, RealTime Talent works to ensure students and job seekers have the skills and experience needed to grow in high-opportunity careers.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with RealTime Talent to access labor market information in order to deepen our understanding of current labor market trends. By using a data-informed framework, Ramsey County is able to better support job seekers and employers,” stated Workforce Solutions Director, Ling Becker.

Immediately, Ramsey County Workforce Solutions will be leveraging RealTime Talent’s relevant and current labor market information, customized research, and human-centered facilitation to foster accelerated solutions for the talent pipeline and decisions in recruitment, education and training processes. New industry specific snapshots will be made available to employment guidance counselors as they support Ramsey County residents.

Through this partnership, Ramsey County staff gain access to TalentNeuron Recruit, a powerful tool to understanding local employment demands that will guide the county’s workforce planning efforts. In addition, industry reports will be posted regularly on the county’s newly launched economic development portal.

“RealTime Talent is excited to take this next step into this deeper relationship to support strategic workforce solutions,” said Executive Director, Deb Broberg on the partnership with Ramsey County. “With over 351,000 people employed and another 10,000 looking for work in Ramsey County alone, this work is extremely important to both the local community and our state’s economy. We look forward to providing access to TalentNeuron Recruit and other valuable data resources in support of the valuable work of employment guidance counselors and workforce developers.”