Introduction to Small Business

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Introduction to Small Business Class

This course is designed to help students understand the basics of operating a small business. Students will write a business plan, research and design what it takes to start their own business. They will learn financial planning, marketing skills and gain knowledge of online sales. Students will also meet with small business owners from our community through field trips and guest speakers. In addition, learners will build customer service skills through operating the Hubbs book store.

Women Venture and Goodwill EasterSeals are partnering programs which will support students in their pursuit to small business ownership.


  • 10-12 week commitment to the class
  • One of the following Reading test scores:
    • TABE M 404-535
    • ELL level B, CASAS 221+

The course is designed with these criteria:

  • 80% grade on quizzes and tests
  • Portfolio completion
  • Classroom participation including working the school store


Additional Career Information

Small Business Resources



Online or In-Person with Google Meet (Hyflex model)




You can register online or in-person at the Hubbs Center or Hub@Harding. 


Hubbs Center Saint Paul Public Schools 1030 University Ave West
Saint Paul, MN 55104
P: 651-290-4822 W:


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