Youth At Work Grant

DEED recently awarded $3,893,100 in Youth at Work Grants to 40 community organizations, including 14 in Ramsey County. 

Youth at Work Grants provide workforce development and training opportunities to low-income or at-risk youth, ages 14-24, with special consideration to youth from communities of color. Young people served include those who are out-of-school and/or involved in the foster care and juvenile justice system, youth living in Minnesota Family Investment Program households, homeless or runaway youth and youth with disabilities. Youth served lack academic and applied skills considered critical for career success and workforce needs.

Priorities, Impact Areas and Goals

  • Workforce development and training opportunities include summer and/or year-round work experience and an introduction to career pathways
  • Increase exposure to in-demand jobs important to regional economies
  • Introduce and promote career pathways and skill acquisition, academic preparedness and work readiness through project-based instruction
  • Promote mastery of work readiness competencies and 21st Century skills, as demonstrated through workplace portfolios and other assessments
  • Provide high-quality worksites and overall participant and employer satisfaction