Utilities Maintenance Worker
Full-Time Utilities Maintenance Worker at City of Mounds View
Available Openings: 1
Industry: Government, Construction
Pay Type: Hourly
Compensation: $29-03 - $36.03
Education Preferred: Yes
Education Level: High School
E-Verify: Yes
Criminal Background: Not Eligible

This position is responsible for performing a wide variety of skilled and general maintenance work activities and functions including operating, maintaining, inspecting, and repairing the municipal infrastructure and equipment associated with the drinking water supply, treatment, storage, and distribution system; wastewater collection system; stormwater conveyance, ponds, and treatment systems; streets, trails, and right- of way; parks, recreation facilities, and forestry; and buildings and grounds.


Essential Work Functions for all subdivisions (Illustrative Only): Assists and participates in responding to emergencies affecting municipal infrastructure function including storm debris clean up, water and sewer pipe breaks, traffic control, flooding, and other urgent matters. Operates a variety of common industry and specialized vehicles, heavy and light equipment, machinery, and tools. Assist and participate in routine maintenance and repair of such vehicles, equipment, machinery, and tools. Cleans and restore vehicles, equipment, and tools after use. Performs difficult and other routine manual labor during completion of work tasks and assignments. Troubleshoots, corrects, and repairs municipal infrastructure, equipment, and tools to ensure proper function and long-lasting performance in a cost-effective manner. Fuels vehicles and equipment, purchases materials and supplies, installs temporary traffic control and erosion/sediment control devices, and transports materials and equipment to work sites. Participates in Standby Duty and Call Back programs. Assists in other subdivisions when assigned.

Drinking Water Subdivision Operates and maintains watermain pipes, gate valves, hydrants, and other infrastructure of the municipal drinking water distribution system. Assist with maintaining and repairing private water service lines, curb and corporation stops, and connections as part of the City's water service line repair program. Locates and marks underground municipal infrastructure involving water, sanitary sewer, stormwater, fiber optic, and electric lines as part of the Gopher State One Call program. Obtain and reference as-built drawings, tie sheets, and other archive records and translate to field locations. Uses utility line locater, probes, or hand digging to locate underground lines. Performs preventative system maintenance including flushing hydrants, exercising gate valves, rehabilitating hydrants, and valves, replacing meter reader batteries, water leak surveys, etc. Responds to and participates in locating and fixing water main breaks and water service leaks. Determine materials needed for repair and install clamps, pipe, or fittings, and make proper tie-in. Installs, inspects, tests, and repairs water meters and wireless transmitter readers. Obtains quarterly water consumption readings and download data for use in billing consumers.

Wastewater Subdivision Cleans and inspects sanitary sewer gravity pipes, manholes, force mains, lift stations, grinders, pumps, meters, and other wastewater collection, pumping, and conveyance components. Operates combination jetting/vacuum sewer truck for routine cleaning of gravity pipes and clearing obstacles. Operates and maintains wastewater mechanical equipment including lift stations, grinders, pumps, meters, and other components. Participate in diagnosing mechanical failures and making repairs. Performs inspections by operating sewer televising and maintenance equipment including CCTV mainline sewer camera, pole camera, computer, and other related equipment. Records video inspections and document infrastructure inadequacies. Manage electronic database of inspection records. Assists and participates in detection of inflow and infiltration activities, including wet weather flow inspections and illegal connection investigations.

Stormwater Subdivision Cleans and inspects storm sewer pipes, drain inlets, drainage structures, culverts, ditches, curbs and gutters, and other infrastructure of the municipal stormwater conveyance system. Principal operator of snowplow trucks, salt applicators, and anti-icing equipment during winter months; and, street sweeper during non-winter months. Maintains and inspects retention and detention ponds, bioretention swales and basins, infiltration and filtration facilities, sumps, grit chambers, and other infrastructure of the municipal stormwater rate control and pollution control system. Operates and maintains inspection and maintenance equipment, including street sweeper, combination jetting/vacuum sewer truck, pole camera, CCTV mainline sewer camera, computer, and other related equipment. Assists and participates in illicit discharge and detection elimination (IDDE) activities, including dry weather flow inspections and illegal connection investigations. Installs and maintains erosion and sediment control devices for municipal-operated construction sites. Assist and participate in erosion and sediment control inspections on construction sites.

Streets Subdivision Cleans and maintains streets, trails, sidewalks, parking lots, and other paved and non-paved surfaces of the municipal transportation system. Principal operator of snowplow trucks, salt applicators, and anti-icing equipment during winter months; and, street sweeper during non-winter months. Performs preventative maintenance and repairs on asphalt pavements including pothole patching, skim coating, mill and overlays, routing and sealing cracks, fog sealing and rejuvenation, full- depth removal and replacement, and new construction. Performs preventative maintenance and repairs on concrete pavements and curbs including crack sealing, joint rehabilitation, pavement sealing, removal, and replacement, milling uneven joints, and new construction. Installs and maintains traffic signs and posts, street name blades and hardware, and pavement markings. Install and remove temporary traffic control devices for construction zones, hazard warnings, and other purposes. Fabricate, install, and maintain grouped mailbox posts. Maintains and inspects right-of-way and boulevard vegetation and trim or remove trees, bushes, and other obstacles to provide safe lateral clear zones and intersection site lines. Perform plant and turf maintenance and landscape duties along municipal streets, trails, and sidewalks. Performs vehicle traffic counts by setting out and picking up traffic counters and recording data.

Parks Subdivision Performs turf maintenance and landscape duties in parklands and grounds including mowing and edging lawns and athletic fields, rough cutting, pulling weeds, grading, seeding, and sodding, applying fertilizer and pesticides, mulching, watering plants and trees, sweeping, removing litter, trimming trees and shrubs, and clearing fallen trees, brush, leaves, and debris. Maintains and repairs park and recreation facilities and equipment involving playgrounds, baseball and softball fields, tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts, athletic and security lighting, ice hockey and staking rinks, drinking fountains, fencing, site amenities, and other park equipment. Operates, maintains, and repairs the park and grounds irrigation systems including setting clocks and controllers, adjusting, and replacing broken heads and valves, and repairing irrigation line breaks. Performs janitorial and light building maintenance duties in park buildings and shelters including cleaning and sanitizing restrooms, stocking supplies, picking up litter, emptying trash containers, replacing light bulbs, painting, washing windows, and cleaning outdoor furniture. Participates in inspecting and diagnosing park and recreation facilities and equipment for unsafe and hazardous conditions. Takes notice of park activities during work assignments that may cause harm to the public or park facilities. Removes graffiti and repair damage from acts of vandalism. Installs trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and native grasses. Maintains planting beds and garden areas in parklands and building grounds. Assists with forestry activities.

Facilities Subdivision Maintains and repairs municipal buildings and equipment by performing a variety of carpentry, painting, plastering, plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning, and mechanical work. Performs preventative maintenance for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment including replacing belts, changing filters, and coil cleaning. Operate building automation systems, diagnose temperature inadequacies, and adjust set points and other control settings. Maintains and repairs plumbing fixtures including sinks, toilets, faucets, dispensers, fountains, and pipes. Clear obstructions from sewer lines, drains, sump pumps, and roof drains. Repairs and adjusts windows, doors, gates, room dividers, bleachers, locks, hardware, and other building components and mechanisms. Replaces damaged ceiling tiles and lighting covers, repair floor tiles and carpeting, move furniture and equipment, assemble prefabricated furniture, and other miscellaneous interior work. Inspects facilities to identify building maintenance needs. Assist and participate in facility improvements and alterations. Performs light electrical and telecommunication repair and installation. Tests and maintains emergency lighting, security cameras, and security alarm systems.

City of Mounds View

Contact: Rayla Ewald
Phone 763-717-4016
2401 Mounds View Blvd
Mounds View, US, MN 55112
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