Executive Director
Full-Time Executive Director at Oasis for Youth
Available Openings: 1
Industry: Non Profit
Pay Type: Salary
Compensation: $108,000-125,000
Education Preferred: Yes
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree

Oasis for Youth, founded in 2010, is on a mission to serve every youth aged 16 to 24 who is struggling to meet their basic needs and who live, work, or go to school in Bloomington, Richfield, and Edina. Oasis supports youth with a robust continuum of services: outreach, drop-in, housing, employment, and case management. Most importantly, centering young people in all we do. We are a small and growing team focused on increasing access to and visibility of our services. Oasis is looking for our next Executive Director to lead, support our continued growth, and champion our work for youth and social justice. Our team at Oasis for Youth values lived experience, authenticity, and dedication. Our guiding values are: • Young People - We believe in the powerful solutions of youth and the wisdom they possess. • Connection - We believe relationships rooted in respect and support lead to a positive sense of self and transformation. • Belonging - We believe youth need a place to go to feel safe, comfortable, and at home. • Prevention - We believe prevention work requires addressing systemic issues and developing methods to support youth before experiencing homelessness and poverty. • Justice and dismantling racism and poverty - We believe in a fair and unified community where all identities are seen, safe, and valued. Racism and inequality are the leading factors causing homelessness in Minnesota, we work to address and dismantle systems that create barriers for youth. • Innovation - We recognize young people’s lives are often complicated and the environment can quickly shift, requiring creative responses to current situations.

POSITION OVERVIEW The Executive Director will oversee, support, and facilitate the work of Oasis for Youth’s staff, board, and volunteers. Our next leader should be a growth-oriented, visionary, experienced leader grounded in the mission and in our community. They will embody the values and culture of Oasis while also supporting the transformation and evolution of our growing organization. Our ideal candidate will work to understand the landscape and community to prioritize the work and pursue the best opportunities. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors and leads a team of 12, which includes full-time, part-time, and contracted employees.


PRIMARY AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY The incoming Executive Director will have experience with or knowledge of each of the areas identified below or demonstrate a willingness and capacity to develop such expertise:

Visionary Leadership: Develop a clear and inspiring vision for the future of Oasis; execute strategy aligned with vision, mission, bylaws, and values of the organization; guide the overall strategic direction and empower and excite Board and staff to implement the vision and strategy; articulate the vision and tell the story of Oasis to diverse audiences.

Board Governance: Work with the Board and committees of the Board in support of Oasis for Youth’s mission; support Board by advising and informing the Board and Board Committees on organizational performance measures, significant issues, and key actions in a timely manner; communicate effectively with the Board and provide all information necessary for the Board to function effectively and make informed decisions.

Fundraising: Effectively manage fundraising and donor relationships, reaching out to engage new and existing donors and funders in a manner that benefits Oasis’ fund development; develop and implement a fundraising plan with the Board that meets the annual and long-term financial requirements of Oasis and maintains a diverse and stable funding base; complete well-articulated grant requests in a timely manner; utilize good communication skills and project management skills to lead and support Oasis in fundraising from a broad base of donors: churches, corporations, individuals, foundations, and government agencies.

Community and Public Relations. Present a positive image to stakeholders and build strong community ties; implement communication and marketing plans to inspire and motivate the community to address the needs of youth facing homelessness; expand the community presence and serve as the voice of the organization to build relationships and trust; make time to be with and know the youth we serve and the communities they are from; serve as the primary spokesperson to Oasis’s constituents, stakeholders, and general public.

Collaboration and Partnerships. Provide leadership in building and maintaining alliances and cooperation among service providers, schools, and the community to benefit the youth we serve; build strong relationships with leaders and advocates who are critical to meeting the mission; develop, maintain, and nurture connections with allied organizations, local officials, and other external stakeholders; foster a collaborative work environment for all staff.

Financial Management. Develop yearly budget for Board approval and successfully manage the organization’s resources within budget guidelines; manage the organizations’ operational needs with appropriate management controls and work effectively with the board, committees, and volunteers; utilize effective practices focused on organizational health, performance sustainability and compliance with laws, regulations, funder mandates, and highest ethical standards; consistently track and evaluate the quality of programs and services to ensure they meet the needs of youth, funders, board, and community.

Personnel Management. Effectively recruit, manage, support, motivate, and train the staff; develop and lead a high-functioning, diverse, mission-driven team of staff and volunteers; provide supervision and support of program management and staff; create space for shared learning and leadership; collaboratively lead the Oasis team to address the needs of suburban youth facing homelessness.


QUALIFICATIONS • Successful experience in nonprofit leadership with fundraising, staffing, financial management, and working with a Board of Directors. • Demonstrated success in growing programs or interest in expanding an organization. • Ability to plan, prioritize, and implement activities in support of organizational goals and objectives. • Proven business and fiscal management experience including budget development and reporting. • Experience with one or more of the following fields: youth development, youth and family services, social services, and/or housing. • Proven commitment to DEI and anti-racism initiatives and the ability to engage others to advance this work. • Success in developing and implementing fundraising strategies to achieve revenue goals. • Leadership skills with the ability to nurture relationships, retain and inspire talent, and achieve results. • Ability to articulate passion for the mission and importance of a youth-centered approach to the work. • Comfort working with diverse communities, easily relating to people of all ages, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientation, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Oasis for Youth

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