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Arden Hills Main Photo

Arden Hills

Arden Hills encompasses 9.6 square miles and is home to about 10,000 people. The residents are well-educated with nearly 60% having a bachelor’s degree or higher and the median household income in Arden Hills is $96,000. Many leading businesses and educational institutions can be found in Arden Hills, like Boston Scientific, Bethel University, Land O’Lakes, University of Northwestern and IntriCon....Learn More »
Falcon Heights Main Photo

Falcon Heights

Home to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds and the Saint Paul Campus of the University of Minnesota, Falcon Heights is small but mighty. Just 2.28 square miles, residents of this city appreciate the tree-lined streets as well as its proximity to both downtown Saint Paul and downtown Minneapolis....Learn More »
Gem Lake Main Photo

Gem Lake

History and the natural environment are important to the residents of Gem Lake, and the community works to protect both. The area is known as much for its quiet residential streets as it is for its bustling commercial district, and both are reasons why residents and businesses choose to be in Gem Lake....Learn More »


Lauderdale is surrounded by Minneapols, Saint Paul, Roseville and Falcon Heights and is served by the Roseville Area School District. It occupies 0.42 square miles and has a population of almost 2,400 according to the 2010 U.S. Census....Learn More »
Little Canada Main Photo

Little Canada

Little Canada is located just north of downtown Saint Paul and only minutes from the Minnesota State Capitol. As a city, residents are very proud of their history and received their name from French Canadians who settled there many years ago. As a result, the city works hard to maintain their French Canadian heritage. Along with a variety of businesses and events, you will find beautiful parks and nature centers in Little Canada....Learn More »
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Maplewood is a growing and thriving suburb of Saint Paul with more than 36,000 residents. Located about 15 miles northeast of downtown Saint Paul, Maplewood boasts more than 30 parks and a great trail system. The city also has its own police and fire departments as well as its own Department of Motor Vehicles. What’s more, Maplewood’s strong schools and recreational options add to its high quality of life....Learn More »
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Mounds View

Mounds View is located north of Saint Paul and has a mix of residents and businesses, many of which are located along the County Road 10 corridor. Medtronic, Sysco Distributing, Liberty Check and Multi-Tech all have a home in Mounds View, as do more than 12,150 residents, according to the 2010 U.S. Census....Learn More »
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New Brighton

New Brighton is a city of more than 22,350 residents and is located equidistant from the downtowns of both Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The city has 11 K-12 schools in the community and 12 parks to enjoy....Learn More »
North Oaks Main Photo

North Oaks

North Oaks is a unique suburban community rich in history. Located northeast of Saint Paul, the 5,000 residents of North Oaks work to maintain the area’s natural environment. Because every resident’s property extends to half-way across the road, all residential roads are private and are intended for their use or the use of their guests only. The city owns no property, and the North Oaks Home Owner’s Association owns the park, recreation area and trails in the city....Learn More »
North St. Paul Main Photo

North St. Paul

North St. Paul has a small-town feel although it is part of a larger metropolitan community. It is a tight-knit community enjoys an abundance of parks, quality schools and a quaint, six-block-long Main Street. Businesses in North St. Paul have access to resources provided by the city as well as to an educated workforce....Learn More »
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Roseville borders both Minneapolis and Saint Paul and is a short distance from both downtowns. It is considered the retail and commercial hub of the northeast suburbs and is home to many employers and shopping areas. It also boasts a residential population of more than 33,600, according to the 2010 U.S. Census, and those folks enjoy over 30 parks, 64 miles of trail, and many recreational activities....Learn More »
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Saint Anthony

St. Anthony is considered a first-ring suburb of Minneapolis and is uniquely located in both Hennepin and Ramsey Counties (two-thirds are in Hennepin; one-third in Ramsey). It is convenient to both downtowns as well as to the Minneapolis and Saint Paul campuses of the University of Minnesota. More than 8,200 residents call St. Anthony home....Learn More »
Shoreview Main Photo


Shoreview is home to more than 26,000 residents who take great pride in their community. The city is set within a natural landscape, with 11 lakes, 15 parks, 85 miles of trails and sidewalks and 1,400 acres of open space. Located ten miles north of both Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Shoreview is easily accessible via car and public transit....Learn More »
Vadnais Heights Main Photo

Vadnais Heights

Located in northeast Ramsey County, Vadnais Heights covers approximately 8.5 square miles and is home to nearly 13,000 people. It is a vibrant community with strong neighborhoods, thriving businesses and top-notch schools; it is part of two highly rated school districts: White Bear Lake and Mounds View. Plus, the Agriculture and Food Sciences Academy, a charter school, is also located in the city....Learn More »
White Bear Lake Main Photo

White Bear Lake

White Bear Lake is a suburb approximately 20 miles north of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport and home to nearly 25,000 people. It is home to Century College, a two-year technical and community college as well as several private, parochial, charter and public schools. The downtown area is a destination for visitors and residents alike, offering dining, shopping and hotel accommodations. In fact, White Bear Lake was voted the Best Minnesota Town in 2018....Learn More »
White Bear Township Main Photo

White Bear Township

Not to be confused with White Bear Lake, White Bear Township is the only remaining township in Ramsey County. It encompasses an area of 10.8 square miles and has a population of more than 12,000 people. It is primarily made up of single-family housing nestled in neighborhoods close to the many lakes in the area, large tracts of light industrial areas and small enclaves of commercial development. One significant feature of the township is its culture of preservation with regional parks and open spaces dominating the landscape....Learn More »