Ramsey County Small Business Relief Fund FAQs

Ramsey County Small Business Relief Fund FAQ

May 26, 2020

Q: I have applied for COVID-related emergency small business funding through a city in Ramsey County, but do not yet know if I will receive funding. Should I apply to the Ramsey County Small Business Relief Fund?

A: Yes. Applicants are encouraged to apply for any and all sources of funding available. Businesses may only receive Ramsey County Small Business Relief grants upon certification and verification that no other COVID-related emergency city or state funds have been received.

Q: I have received federal emergency funding through either the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) or the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL), am I eligible to apply and receive Ramsey County Small Business Relief funds?

A: Yes, but Ramsey County Small Business Relief funds must be used to cover different expenses over and above specific uses of federal funds.

Q: What documentation is required at time of application?

A: A completed Application Form with all questions answered. No additional documentation is required with the Application Form. If your application is selected via random selection system and verified, additional documentation will be requested.

Q: What documentation is required after the application, but prior to receiving a grant?

A: Documentation of business revenue from 2019 (or the business’ most recent fiscal year if different), e.g. tax return, financial statements, reports, or any such records that can verify business revenue.

Documentation of payroll and employee count, if any, as of March 1, 2020.

A copy of a voided check – bank information needed to wire funds AND EITHER

A copy of a Minnesota driver license, learner’s permit or ID; or a receipt for any of these, OR a copy of another form of government issued picture identification, if applicant does not have a Minnesota driver license or ID.

Grant agreement signed by all owners of 20% or more as Co-Borrowers.

    Q: How will my immigration status affect my application? What about my credit score?

    A: Immigration status and credit score will not affect your eligibility or selection for funding.

    Q: My business had between 1-10 employees prior to the COVID crisis, but currently all employees have been laid off. Am I eligible to apply?

    A: Yes. Eligibility is determined by the number of employees on March 1, 2020.

    Q: How will funding decisions be made?

    A: If applications exceed funding available, applicants will be selected via random selection and notified of selection and closing criteria by June 19, 2020.

    Q: I need help filling out this application or I have a general question about the application process. Who should I contact?

    A: Please contact RCCOVIDRelief@mccdmn.org. A list of navigators and business assistance providers is also posted on our web site here.

    Q: What cities in Ramsey County have small business funding available and where do I find that information?

    A: The City of Saint Paul established an emergency small business fund and that application period has closed. You may also email RCCOVIDRelief@mccdmn.org.

    Q: I am a sole proprietor. Do I qualify for the grant program?

    A: Yes. As long as you have at least one eligible employee in addition to yourself as of March 1, 2020 and not more than 20 employees and meet all other eligibility requirements.