Early Childhood Education & Childcare Workforce Challenges and Opportunities

23 Feb 2021


In partnership with Real Time Talent, Ramsey County Workforce Solutions is releasing a report on challenges in the Childcare Industry.  Early Childhood Education and Childcare Services face a talent supply problem—not a demand one. Pre-pandemic demand for childcare services exceeded the available supply of both provider institutions and talent. Although early childhood education and care providers make up a small portion of Ramsey County's workforce, these roles are critical to getting people back to work during the post-pandemic economic recovery.

Core workforce challenges driving the talent shortage in these occupations include low compensation, inconsistent workforce training requirements, lack of career growth trajectory, and high turnover. Effective strategies to address the shortage of early childhood education and care providers could include:

  • Increasing investments in new childcare centers and workers, and
  • Connecting COVID-19 impacted workers with entry-level childcare positions.

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