Neighbors United Funding Collaborative

Helping the Midway and Union Park small business and nonprofit community rebuild their storefronts. The Neighbors United Funding Collaborative will donate 100% of funds to rebuild Midway, starting with direct support to small businesses and nonprofits to help them rebuild their storefronts, reopen their businesses and serve our neighborhood.

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East Side Business Assistance Fund

Donations will help business owners to rebuild their storefronts, restock inventory, and reopen their businesses. Many of the businesses damaged in the past few days are locally owned. 100% of the funds raised will be used to directly support businesses. Priority will be given to immigrant and POC-owned businesses and those most impacted.

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Fund for Asian Businesses Harmed by the Unrests

AEDA has created a recovery fund to help these locally owned businesses. In Little Mekong alone (one mile on University Avenue from Marion to Dale) over two dozen businesses were damaged and looted. Some businesses have lost everything. Your donations will help put these businesses back on their feet. We must do what we can to help them rebuild. They are so important to our neighborhoods all over the Twin Cities.

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Let's Rebuild African Immigrant Businesses in Minnesota

AEDS has created the Business Relief Fund to meet these needs of local African immigrant businesses. The Business Relief Fund is a forgivable loan to keep small businesses open and continue contributing to the community. Being an entrepreneur is never easy.  Keeping a business alive as an African immigrant during these times requires hard work and your help. Your support now will help these businesses grappling with the loss of jobs, services and investments more than ever.

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We Love Midway/We Love Saint Paul

The Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce Charitable Foundation, a registered 501(c)3 is collecting donations to support our community with direct financial support to small businesses and nonprofits to help them rebuild their storefronts, reopen their businesses and serve our neighborhoods.

Our Midway area was heavily damaged during civil unrest and businesses across Saint Paul were also impacted. All donations are tax-deductible and will provide direct support for rebuilding efforts.

​As we work to allocate and distribute these funds, we will focus on helping the hardest-hit and most vulnerable businesses in our community, which disproportionately includes immigrant and POC-owned businesses.

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