Re-CNA Program

KOM offers free Re-CNA classes in partnership Roseville Adult Basic Education for individuals who have completed CNA training, but struggled to pass the written exam. The class consists of three steps:

Step 1: Get refreshed

Attend evening classes that review the vocabulary, concepts and ADLs from CNA training.

Step 2: Earn while you learn

After 2 months of review, participants are matched with a paid, part-time internship at an assisted living facility. While working, they continue attending classes to build vocabulary and reading skills needed to pass the written exam.

Step 3: Test again

After 6 to 10 months of earning and learning, participants will take the test again for FREE.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Have successfully completed CNA training before and can provide proof of training completion
  • Desire to start a career as a CNA and be authorized to work in the US
  • Currently unemployed or underemployed and interested in finding work at end of program
  • Meet income guidelines

In class, participants get to work with other students to build on their English skills and medical terms. They also do hands on work for the CNA skills piece and get to be placed at an internship site near to their home to experience what it’s like to become a real CNA.

For more information about our Re-CNA program, contact Nali Puday, KOM Career Development Counselor.

Healthcare Careers Exploration (HCCE)

The CNA Program is currently offering a virtual Healthcare Careers Exploration (HCCE) program during the pandemic.  The program has three components: 30 hours of exploration and work readiness training, supporting finding a healthcare related work experience opportunity, and 30 hours of healthcare literacy building.  For those needing devices, laptops will be available to borrow.  For those lacking access to internet, there may be support service dollars available to help cover internet costs for the duration of the training.

The first component of HCCE is 30 hours of exploration and work readiness training.  Under this training, students will prepare for jobs (resume building, interview prep, etc.), explore available healthcare opportunities, consider educational routes for themselves (technical training vs. certification vs. college), develop financial literacy, and gain BLS/CPR certification.   

Secondly, HCCE focuses on building healthcare literacy. Students that need English language support will attend 30 hours of healthcare-oriented literacy development with Roseville ABE.  Students who are waiting to attend CNA certification are also welcomed to attend these lessons as well.   

Lastly, students will receive help finding healthcare placements.  These placements will be in positions such as Care Aide or Resident Assistant at care facilities.  They do not require certification and are fantastic opportunities to gain experience and income while building healthcare-focused English language skills. Additionally, the Career Development Counselor will help students enroll in educational programs to advance their careers. 

HCCE’s mission is to help students succeed in the healthcare field.  The HCCE program helps students choose a career, develop a path to achieve their career goals, and gain experience in the healthcare field.



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