The College of Food Agricultural and Natural Resources Science (CFANS) is the only University of Minnesota college that resides exclusively on the beautiful and pastoral Saint Paul campus. Just a short bus ride or drive from the U’s main campus in Minneapolis, the Saintt Paul campus offers easy access to high-tech and high-touch research in our laboratories and research fields.

The campus has its own gym and a residence hall--Bailey Hall--plus plentiful off-campus housing options, and the Saint Paul Student Center offers food, meeting areas, gaming and study space for students, faculty and staff. We even have a dairy and meat store where you can buy CFANS-created products. Soon, we’ll have a brand-new Bell Museum of Natural History and planetarium on campus along with expanded and enhanced research labs for two of the college’s signature areas of study – bees and aquatic invasive species.

Educational and research opportunities also abound at the college’s 10 research and outreach centers, which are spread geographically across the state from the Hubachek Wilderness Research Area in the far north near Ely, to the native prairie landscape of the Southwest Research and Outreach Center near Lamberton.